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Sun 24th Apr 2016 - 3:28pm General Gaming

The ESL One Manila Dota 2 tournament is now over and we can all agree, it was an Awesome event. For some teams it was a warm up tournament, for others it was a chance to prove the strenght of their new rosters. 

We would like to start by praising the organizers for the extreme amount of fun we all had, watching this event, Live or Online. The atmosphere, the host the very cool contests in between the games, were amazing and entertaining to watch.


The Macho Man Look contest

This contest was something special as the Host invited four of the desk tallents on stage to take part in it. Winter, Maelk, SirActionSlacks and TobiWan, were asked to show their best macho man look in front of Bianca Yao, from Team Mineski.


Rise of the Underdogs

 The next big things in this event were, of course, the 2 underdog teams that made it far in the tournament. It is Team Empire and Wings Gaming, who eventually won the tournament over Team Liquid, winning 3:0 in a Best of 5 series, there so proving that it is all about playing your game and having confidence in your team mates. It is also to be noticed that the 2 finalist teams, Team Liquid and Wings Gaming, were one of the few teams to not change a player in their rosters. 

Team Empire had a really good run, despite facing Team Secret twice and defeating them 2 times during the event, eventually sending them home in the groupstage. Team Secret did not show a very solid performance on this event, despite kicking Omar "w33haa" Aliwi and Rasmus Berth "Misery" Filipsen right after the team winning the Dota 2 Shanghai Major, replacing them with Artour "Arteezy" Babaev and Saahil "UNiVeRsE" Arora, formerly of Evil Geniuses.


Wings Gaming - Champions of ESL One Manila

The Grand Finals was a clash that nobody wanted to preditc. On one side was Team Liquid, being one of the three favorites coming into this tournament, on the other side was Wings Gaming, who were the underdogs of the Manila tournament, but have shown incredibile agression and resilience all the way through the groups and Play-off. They are the inspiration for the young, up and coming teams and an equal inspiration to the rest of the strugling teams in the scene. 

They have already shown that they are not to be underestimated in the ESL One Manila Chinese qualifiers. In a by-no-means-easy bracket, they not only vanquished both ViCi Gaming squads as well as iG Vitality but also straight up crushed them. The best-of-five finals against fy’s VG Reborn especially were a showcase of utter domination in a clear-cut 3-0. 

Wings Gaming have been playing together for about a year now and haven't won anything till now. This is also their second LAN ever, with the previous being WCA, where their achievement was getting a win against Team Secret. 

 Congratulations to Wings Gaming and ESL for a wonderful and entertaining event. 



Alexandru Sirbu

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