Balkan Bears Overwatch at EECC

Thu 26th May 2016 - 3:32pm Gaming

Overwatch has just been launched several days ago, but the hype around this game goes back several months or even a year.

For those of you who don`t know what Overwatch is. Overwatch is a game where ratcheting up your kill count will guarantee you victory. Across each of the game’s three match types, players are divided into two teams of six, each with a specific objective. In Escort, the attackers must escort a payload to its destination whilst the defenders try to stop them. Assault sees both sides battle to secure control points, one attacking, one defending. Finally, the sublimely named Control asks the two teams to fight for dominance of a single control point.

One of our goals for this new year, among others, is to sign a Overwatch team, and for now, we partially succeded. At this years' edition of East European Comic Con, we will have our own Overwatch team playing in one of the first ever Overwatch LAN Finals, presented by ESL Arena.

The team consists of players we know for some time as well as new faces, with a lot of talent, spirit and a thirst for improvement. It is a strong team and we expect to take this trophee home.

Please welcome, our Overwatch lineup for EECC

Cristian "Mezamorphis" Paunescu
Octav "Ang" Cretu
Jurian "pronic" van Straaten
Darius "Daryus" Bordea
Vytis "Mineral" Lasaitis
Robert "Shadder2k" Mocanu

Let`s welcome and wish them good luck!

The Finals are on 29th of May, so make sure not to miss it.



Alexandru Sirbu

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