Balkan Bears- The competitive journey so far

Thu 14th Apr 2016 - 11:41am Gaming

It was the beginning of 2013, when the first two Bears started their journey in this amazing eSports adventure, and it still continues…

Of course we are talking about the founders of the Balkan Bears, two guys with a passion for eSports, who wanted to create something worth talking about within the Romanian eSports scene. No offense is intended for the few organization that were already in the scene, but Balkan Bears was meant to be something bigger, with a more impactful approach and professionalism, something that was entirely missing from the scene in Romania. After a year, we ended up having a remarkable impact not just in our home country, but also in the European scene and some would say that we got known even worldwide. At that time, we did not know entirely how to manage some of these resources, but with time and patience, we managed to learn important things which helped us shape the form of the organization, getting help from different experienced people which kindly pointed us the right way and we will forever be thankful to them. This has set our ambitions higher and the experience, which we gathered throughout these 3 years, gave us even more confidence in our future plans.

We would like to take a look back at what we managed to achieve and how it`s been for us, working with some amazing players and people in our small family and others that were temporarily guested. A timeline of events will be shown, that will make us all both nostalgic and curious, making way for a new chapter, starting 2016.

Our first appearence on the scene was with our League of Legends team. Five talented Romanian players with a lot of passion and dreams high up. During our first half a year together, in 2013, we managed to participate and win a few Online Leagues and LANs like ESL's GoRo4Lol and Go4LoL, Dreamhack Bucharest, East European ComicCon. Eventualy we got invited to Dreamhack Valencia and finally we reached the Challenger Series.

After our journey to Valencia, we, together with the team, decided to part ways and ever since, we were looking for a team with the same potential and character, which we were unable to find, unfortunately.

"The team behind Balkan Bears is a group of awesome, passionate, talented and underrated people who just want to make eSports better and offer best conditions to their players. Hopefully they will reach this goal soon enough" - Omar "w33haa" Aliwi

 Our next important chapter was our Counter Strike Global Offensive Team. With a bit of help from some people, we were introduced to several players, which were Champions in some other disciplines, and were ready to step into the CS:GO professional scene. With ups and downs, stress and patience, we managed to find a stable roster, after 6 months of searching. The team was now ready to climb the mountains and show their talent to the world. They showed good results and skill wherever they you play, people were amazed of their playstyle and coordination. Unfortunately, after the NetParty Fyn #16 LAN fiasco and then failing to find a suitable replacement for the 5th player, the team decided to part ways with the organization, following a disband afterwards.

During our collaboration with these amazing players, we became very good friends with each and one of them. The organization believed in them until the very last and they didn`t dissapoint, they were and will remain some of the best players we had the honor to work with. We want to thank them for the awesome moments and good memories and also whish good luck in their future endevours.

Lineup: Nikolay "NipXe" Zhelev, Jasko "cozje" Berbic, Rob "Rob4" Clarkson, Emil "KJEMS" Kjems, Calle "SEMPLEZZ" Östlind, Christoffer "Chrissy" Kjeldsen (Manager)

"Whitin Balkan Bears theres a young group of Smart, Professional, Trustworthy and awesome people. As i like to call it, a Band of Brothers" - Jasko "cozje" Berbic

 The journey of our Dota 2 team is one to remember, as we had amazing players and we reached high grounds together. We got to have in our rosters really skilled players like w33, Miracle, Yapzor, Masakary, Padrinho and many more (even Cr1t played for us for several weeks, during TI5 open qualifiers). We played a lot of tournaments and we wanted to win all of them, but it was not our time, and after a year of collaboration, our faith in achieving even higher grounds with the team, have faided. Padrinho decided to take a break and the team disbanded soon after. Yes, Padrinho was a true leader and he kept the team together and sober, for which we thank him.

We would like to thank every one of those players who played in our team. You guys did an amazing job and we love every one of you, for that and not only. We really hope to come back with a team and replicate that success.

There are many more we would love to thank. No matter how small you think your contribution was, for us, it was very meaningful and know that we appreciate that.


We will be back soon, stay tuned!





Alexandru Sirbu

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